7 comments on “Everly Brothers – Man With Money

  1. Thank you for this. I have been listening to The Who’s cover of this song from a Live at the BBC recording for many years and now I can see why Pete Townshend and the boys chose it — they didn’t have to do anything other than try to match Phil and Don’s tight harmonies as close as they could — and they did okay. The instrumentation is all there on the Everlys’ track — surprisingly heavy and rocking, thanks I suppose to the Wrecking Crew studio musicians. It’s a very soulful and picturesque song, and the Everlys really capture the dark mood.

  2. Excellent tune! It’s also floating around as the US/UK flipside to “Love Is Strange” on 45rpm. The Eyes also released a 45 of it on Mercury in the UK (I think theirs is the weakest version I’ve heard), no doubt they heard The Who do it live or on the Beeb.

  3. Though I’ve also always loved this song, it IS the A-SIde that gets me…yes, that is the Wrecking Crew with James Burton ‘s telecaster predominating. I’ve rarely heard a better two sided single. I still remember the day I got it at JC Penny’s in Pittsford Plaza in Pittsford, New York. I still have the 45 complete with picture sleeve (luckily one that resided in my working DJ collection when i SOLD off everything else) and would never part with it. It MAY be the one I’ll request to be buried with…Love IS Strange b/w Man With Money … it could be the exact story of my life in one 45!

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