13 comments on “Iron Leg Digital Trip #21 – Gravel Pt3 – The Real Alternative

  1. Larry – you absolutely blow me away with your unparalleled taste in music! I just found your blog and will be listening to nothing else for the rest of the week. Question for you: apart from spending enormous sums on some of the more obscure and hard to find singles on your blog, can you recommend a source? With your music library, you could start your own iTunes store and I would be a major customer! I need to own some of these gems! Any suggestions?


  2. Jill
    Thanks for the compliment!
    Your best bet, since vinyl sources become less and less available every day, is to get introduced to the sounds on blogs, or via trades with friends, and then when you want to go deeper into an artists catalog, seek out CD/iTunes reissue material. New things are being reissued, compiled every day.

  3. Thanks for putting together a great mix — I found it via a Google Alert for Mitch Easter and was thrilled to see the Neats included! I never had the chance to see them live, but I did love their Ace of Hearts releases and I distinctly remember how disappointed I was when I heard their “new direction” (“Crash at Crush”). I Googled Ace of Hearts and their web site says they plan to release a Neats CD but I have no idea how often the site is updated or if that’s still on the drawing board… I certainly hope so!

  4. Awesome collection! My buddies and I freaked out over the Neats – they were one of our favorite bands and we were lucky enough to open for them at CBGBs – during their long hair bluesy slab rock phase. We still dug ’em – even though they’d abandoned the chiming powerpop thing. The Neighborhoods were another Boston band we opened for at CBs – those were the freakin’ days. Thanks for the post!

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