27 comments on “Mystic Number National Bank – Beautician Blues

  1. I’m wondering if this isn’t a different take. I have this on a 45 and I remember it sounding a bit different. I’ll have to dig my 45 out of it and check, but it’ll probably be a while before I find it.

  2. I dug out my 45 of “Beautician Blues” and it definitely has some differences. For one, there’s a harmony vocal backing the lead. For another, the guitars seem to be a bit louder and there’s not as much shouting on this . There is some shouting, though, but not as much as on the track you presented. Also, the 45 version is in mono, not stereo, and while it’s definitely as funky, it also has a more raucous quality. At least, that’s what I think.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have MP3 capacity around here, so I can’t share it. But if you want to seek out the 45 for yourself, the filp side is a slow version of “St. James Infirmary.” My particular copy has “St. James Infirmary” printed on both sides by mistake. Hopefully, you’ll have a little bit better luck.

    Hope that helps a little.

  3. I was lucky enough to have seen MNNB many times in the sixties. Their lead guitar player, Bob Seabow(not sure of the spelling) had a clubbed hand and played his instrument with what little nubs of fingers he had left….no pick, just the nub. He may sound sloppy on the album but in person he was truly amazing.

    • There was a cult following around the Place in Westport , the Art institute and all the hangouts around the Westport area ! Rick S. , we may have known each other back in the day . Bobs brother Greg L. , Barry T. , Jerry S. ? I believe Christina may be from the Johnson county area as well . Bruce Dodson hooked up with the wrong woman and wound up dead behind it . Rick , did you date a girl named Mercadies ?Oh well maby not the same Rick S. I’m on Facebook blog me sometime

  4. In the late 60s at The Place in Westport ,Mo on any given weekend you could here Bob Sebbo , Glenn Walters , Dave Lorenze and Russ Booth cooken up some psycadelic soulfull rockin blues as The Mistic Number National Bank Band .They were kind enough to let me set in once in a while along with Ed Toler Steve, Mc Clane or whoever was in the house. Many fond memories of a band that could make you dance , whatever shape you were in !! I believe Glenn is still playing and I’ve found a website called ” Lamenting Amy Winehouse ” by Bob Sebbo and the Naughty Combo. I don’t know what happened to Dave or Russ .

      • Bob communicates off and on with me and last wrote from New Jersey, where he has been living for quite awhile. He still plays and creates fabulous art. Glenn is playing in the SF Bay Area. Don’t know what happened to Dave…. still in KC? Sadly, Russ Booth died of a brain aneurysm several years ago. Searching around on the web I found info that Ed Toler has also passed away….DAMN! Both left us way too soon.
        RIP my old friends.

      • A friend that played with Bob and Russ before Glenn came along { Steve } told me about Glenn’s project in 2000 on the web page called , Doc Kupa presents The Strokland Superband . That band has Mike Finnigan , Edgar Winter ,Huey Louis , Lydia Pence and many more . On the same page Glenn Walters has a recording listed as The King Of Retro Super Cool and on Glenn’s TAG he also shows recordings of The HooDoo Rythum Devels . I really enjoyed them , reminded me of a highly polished and produced version of the good ol days ! Glenn still has a very unique sound=== PEACE

      • As my old buddy Bill said, Glenn is very active singing in SF and has several solo albums available. His voice is even better than in the MNNB days. I am still in contact with Bob Sebbo. We email all the time and talk on the phone every few months. Bob retired and now lives in northern Wisconsin. He is still playing guitar, writing songs, and is a big Amy Winehouse fan, hence his laments on youtube. Someone told me Dave Lorenz was in Springfield MO, but I am not certain about that. Larry, if you need or want additional info about the Bank, I can probably help you or put you in touch with Bob or Glenn.

    • I know what happened to Russ. He died. And I’m in touch with Glenn Walters and Sebbo. They’re my good friends and always will be.

  5. The Place in Westport was actually three clubs in one at the same address. There was the blues/psychedelic side with overhead projectors casting images of oil and water pulsating to the rhythms of the onstage band (which included Ball and Chain, The Mystic Number National Bank and the Siegel/Schwall Blues band.) The east side of the club was strictly jazz. Milt Abel played there often. At the back was the C.W. Moss Memorial Saloon named after a character from the movie, Bonnie and Clyde. Joe Maccraken managed the place for its owner at the time. I designed and painted the art for the walls of the Moss saloon, painted a caribbean scene entitled “Rock Steady is Coming” on the front window (it never did) and collected admission for the psychedelic side of the bar. I had a front seat view of Sebbo and Walters and marveled at their artistry. Their version of “Summer Time Blues” turned the tables on early sixties rock and brought the crowd into something new, something that peaked at Woodstock.

    • Correction: MNNB may have played “Summer Time Blues”, but the tune that they slowed down and made their own was “Bony Maroney”. Also should mention the owner of The Place in Wesport in the late sixties was Ken Hill.

  6. I must say, Larry hit the nail on the head when he guessed “corporate time constraints” as a reason for sloppiness. We not only had to record the whole thing in two days, but we had to find our own way to New York (bread truck which of course broke down) and pay for our own lodging. Since we couldn’t afford to stick around, all the production and horn overdubs were done after we left. The producers made sure they got writing credit so they could collect the ASCAP advance (who knew?) We received the finished product in the mail and listened in puzzlement. The album cover won some kind of award and I was ripped to the tits on acid in the band photo.
    Fascinating line-up on the compilation!

  7. Must have been taking a walk down memory lane today..was excited to bring up this site. I remember The Place and all of you well. My ex was John Green. I had a great time helping Greg Sebbo with the light show on occasion. I still can hear “I Put a Spell On You”!

  8. The Place was the place in the 1960s. Rockin’ and dancin’ with “The Bank.” Good times.

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