6 comments on “The Monkees – Porpoise Song

  1. Larry I love this, Are the Monkess a guilty pleasure? Cause I do Love em’ – I suppose for me its a childhood thing too.
    I didnt know the Neil Young Fact ~ Im gonna have to seek this Out
    Hope your Well

  2. Jen
    I guess it depends on who you ask. I remember a time when it was unthinkable to ride for the Monkees around people who took their music seriously.
    On the other hand, those albums are filled with good music, from basic bubblegum pop, to early country rock, and psychedelia.
    Only a hardcore snob would be able to overlook good tunes.

  3. Yes, the Monkees TV show was repeated on MTV. They were buoyed by the surprise success of the “That Was Then, This is Now” song and accompanying video. Head was best summed up by a person who said, “The hippies wanted a head movie and the teeny-boppers wanted a Monkees movie and the movie wanted to please both”.

    If you think this is odd, wait ’til you see “33 1/3 Revolutions per Monkee”, their one TV special. It is a bit more coherent, but so odd and cynical and badly scheduled, it was destined to failure. They felt that TRPM was going to be their ultimate expression. To it’s credit, it makes a lot more sense than “Head” does.

    “Porpoise Song” is great, but the whole soundrack album is surprisingly good; the album is the better way to “see” the movie.

  4. I actually remember the Monkess when they they first hit in the mid 60s. I was 3 or 4 and they were the first TV entity I ever got into though I only vaguely remember their music. But from the mid 70s when BBC 1 (in England) re-ran the series, I really got to hear some of the songs and when I was 14, I bought an LP of their ‘hits’ for my little brother but it was me that constantly listened to it. Many bloggers and reviewers tend to think of the Monkees as their ‘guilty pleasure’, a group you can’t openly admit to liking. Well, I have no such qualms. For most of my life I’ve loved their music and I still do. The media creates living mythologies and the Monkees unfortunately have been subject to these. But history does not support the myths and in actuality, three of the band wrote great songs and three of them were competent instrumentalists and all of them were singers.
    But I digress!! ‘Head’ is one weird film but I find it really watchable. It’s better than anything the TV series threw up (and for it’s time, it was pretty good and gutsy). It’s also quite funny and rather trippy but in a way that’s accessible. The songs in the film are outstanding and had they been done by the Beatles or the Stones or the Pretty Things or the Kinks, they’d be lauded as major works. The version of ‘Porpoise’ that you have posted is the superior version. Most compilations and even ‘Head’ itself have the version that comes to a full stop after the drum beat. It was a long time before I realized that there was that superb little extra instrumental bit at the end. Thanks for posting it !!

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