8 comments on “Biff Rose – What’s Gnawing at Me

  1. If I’m not mistaken, Biff used to be a regular on the Smothers Brothers Show and I have to believe I may have even seen him on The Tonight Show Once or twice. Guess I’ll mosey over to You Tube and search a little.

  2. I was right Larry. I DO remember him, from both shows. I just watched Molly, Myrtle’s Pies and Gentle People on YouTube plus a couple different clips from him down in New Orleans circa Katrina. He’s still quite the charmer and on a couple of the clips (Gentle peole and Myrtle’s Pies, he talks about playing the Smothers Brothers Show the week before they got fired. I know I remember this show, mostly because I remember my mother poopooing Biff because she thought his songs were goofy and ridiculous. Guess what? She was right and they still are, but as we grow older I guess we all change or maybe we change BACK because I wish she was here to share seeing them with me know, because they make me think of her (my Mom) and that is pretty special all things considered…you know?

  3. Duncan
    I read that he was for a time kind of a regular on the Tonight Show. I wish I could find some vintage footage of him.
    I do think there’s a kind of absurd, goofy facade to some of his tunes, but there’s a serious underpinning, as well as a fair amount of depth to his lyrics. He also had a real talent for haunting melodies.
    I watched the one modern clip of him performing ‘Molly’ (beautiful song) and he still has it.

  4. this gave me a good wed 5am chuckle, of course Smothers Brothers makes total sense.
    “you come along with a cake you baked..”
    I needed this today Larry not what I expected from IronLeg but worth the listen

  5. Never heard of him but the producers were members of the early New Christy Minstrels

  6. Biff was smoking your first joint and leaving Chicago at the end of the days of rage and getting in your car and just heading to escape America’s madness and polling your car onto yorkeville st. in toronto and seeing a markee for Biff Rose and just sliding into conciousness III before anyone knew what it was. I’ll always hold that enchantment. Biff is true white magic. I hope in his life he has didvovered the valentos of Columbia and bachatas and merengues of theDomincan villiages.

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