13 comments on “Iron Leg Digital Trip #22 – Memories of a Not So Free Festival

  1. Inside Looking Out is my most fav GFR cut, Great MIX as Always Larry
    Downloading Now

  2. This is such a tease…I want to see that film about the festival. Google turns up nothing about this festival except your article.
    What was the film’s name and are there any clips on YouTube you know of?

    Thanks for the fascinating site….


  3. Awesome!
    I had no idea about this festival. I hiked the length of Isle Royale many years ago when I was 14. I can’t imagine how on earth they could stage a music festival there.
    I now have to find that documentary as well.
    Great mix and great history! Thanks a million

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  5. Right up my retro street – been on a real heavy hippy buzz lately..love the Humble Pie cover..I was in Chelsea on Sunday checking out some historical rock Locations…

    22 westmoreland Terrace – where the Small Faces lived.

    And all these sites are in (near Kings Road)

    Edbury Street – where Pete Townshend wrote Tommy
    Flood Street – Where the Sgt Pepper cover shot was taken
    The Pheasantry – where Clapton (and Martin Sharp who designed Disreali Gears) lived in his Cream period
    Chelsea Drugstore mentioned in the Stones tune.. Let It Bleed
    Cheyne Walk Where Jagger and Richards lived in the seventies
    Old Church St – where Floyd recorded their Syd period work
    430 kings Road – site of Hung On you and later SEX and Seditionaries – birthplace of the Sex Pistols
    and just up the road where Granny Takes A Trip shop was and Edith Grove where the Stones lived in the early 60s..

    All less than a two mile walk…

  6. A little early for April Fools , isn’t it?

    This has to be the funniest thing I have read in YEARS!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Great stuff………….

  7. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the tunes and the story behind the compilation. Can’t find anything out about that film but seems to me like it deserves a screenplay let alone a documentary. It’s readymade!

    Great stuff. Thanks again Larry.

  8. Dude, you wanted to see if we were paying attention? I got through two-thirds of it, repeating, “No bleepin’ way. No bleepin’ way.” Until it finally dawned on me. This could be the next “Spinal Tap.” Get to work.

  9. Wow – what a great post! I never knew about the festival, but you had such a detailed commontary that I feel that I know enough about it to pass it on.

    Great post!

  10. OK I have to believe I fell for this clever hoax. Well done sir…but oh how I wanted it to be true!

    I was suspicious about Grand Funk’s placement on the bill since they were possibly the big festival draw in the US at the time but I also looked to track down Jerry Shirley’s biography. Alas it does not exist (“volume 1” ha ha! nice touch).

    What was also interesting in my search is that Jerry Shirley’s name appears more in print reference to his contribution to Syd Barrett’s solo albums even more than his association with Steve Marriott. That’s too bad but there is more money writing about Pink Floyd than Humble Pie.

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  12. That’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. It’s too true for reality! Just like most of that era!

  13. I don’t happen to find this particularly humourous AT ALL. I am concidering formally placing charges against all who were involved in this hoax! To think of the time wasted, not only conjuring up this blasted pile of seaweed, but to think of MY TIME spent reading, then gasping for air, then reacting (searching internet, phone calls, ect…) followed by this pitiful attempt at making you cry, by delicately punctauting my horror, and thus writing this riotous comment! I AM STUNED, dear chaps…
    And, oh, yes, thank you.

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