5 comments on “The Family Affair – Let’s Get Together

  1. Very nice, Larry. Isn’t it fun to discover that orphan version of a song you adore by someone else topped by an unknown entry?

    Reminds me of my find and long time tout of The Coven (yes, THAT Coven) on SGC Records 45 (the same label as The Nazz occupied) doing “I Shall Be Released” by Dylan-Danko. I actually prefer it to all other version and that’s saying a lot considering some of the competition out there. I know i have it digitally transfered somewhere…let me find it and post it to you. Please press pause here.

    • Would appreciate getting that digitally transfer of Coven doing I SHALL BE RELEASED
      Please reply back how to receive it if available. THANK YOU.

  2. PM
    I haven’t heard the Peggy Lee cover of ‘Everyday People’. Her soul/funk covers are legendary amongst crate digger types, but I never seem to find “those” albums.

    Is that Coven that did ‘One Tin Soldier’? I’d love to hear that.


  3. Joe Walsh “Eagles” did the studio guitar work on the Family Affair “Get Together” 45. Before he was a huge star. They were a very cool group with two girls fronting that were beautiful. Good vocalists as well. Too bad, they could have made it. I knew them personally during this period. They had conflicts like other great groups…………….

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