3 comments on “The French Revolution – Americas

  1. I didn’t know that song wa released in the USA. it’s the same song as Quebecois, with English lyrics. Just one note : It’s not Annette Workman, but Nanette Workman, still singin’ today in Quebec, doin’ mighty fine blues + R & B albums. As Nanette Newman, she was the back-up singer on Honky Tonky Woman by the Rolling Stones. If you want the French version of this 45, drop me a line and I will send you the MP3. Email adress is :

  2. Larry, these guys cut a 45 that got released in the UK called “9 To 5” on Decca F 22898 in ’69, Ivy Vale put a French language version of it on tape for me back in the day. It wound up on one of the “Rubble” comps (“Freakbeat Phantoms”) as well as the first volume of “The Peffumed Garden”.

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