3 comments on “The Barbarians – Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl

  1. Hey! I was searching for Are You A B or G … while digging up sounds to include in my online autobiography. I was actually snarled at and almost got hooked by Moulty in 1964 in Provincetown Square, and I was in that growing bunch of once normal people who were starting to grow their hair long. So …. 1964 AND the Barbarians have a spoecial place in my memory. Can I include your mp3 link and a “courtesy of Iron Leg” link on the page where I want readers to hear the song? I’d be ever so freakin greatful! thanks.

  2. My old boyfriend, Joe Lucas,was a roadie for the Barbarians. In 1967 we all lived in an old Brownstown building on Columbus Ave. in the South End of Boston. There was a recording studio on the bottom floor. The guy who ran it was the first person to be arrested for possession of LSD! The band was struggling that summer. Moulty was really a tough guy..kinda crazy. I remember bank robber types hanging around. Moulty got replaced by a new drummer, Oakie O’Connor, who looked and sounded like Ginger Baker. The original members, Geoff Morris, Bruce Benson, and Jerry Causi, were joined by Tom Mulcahy, and Bernie Fielding. The band was renamed Black Pearl. Bernie was the lead singer. There was a rivalry with him and Peter Wolf of The J. Geils Band ,whose members lived across the street ,and were originally called The Hallucinations. There was even a concert, The Battle of the Bands. Bernie and Peter trying to outdo each other. Van Morrison was friends with The Hallucinations, and was living in Cambridge at the time. He would come over and use the recording studio. Black Pearl opened for Van Morrison in a concert in Boston. Blck Pearl went to California in 1968 and made a record lp, I still have a copy. Of course the J. Geils band went on to become famous. The last I saw of Black Pearl was in in the spring of 1969 in SanFrancisco, CA. Most of them probably made their way back to Boston. Moulty was working for his father if I remember.

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