10 comments on “The Zoo – Where Have All the Good Times Gone

  1. Man, another great post, but that fucking Peter Cook pic at the bottom still makes me piss my pants!!!! Brilliant! You have to tell me where I can find that video again!!!

  2. I think you have your two “Zoo bands” mixed up. The Zoo which came from the Beau Denturies actually recorded the above record. However, there was no one by the names of Howard Leese and Mike Flicker in the band. Iknow this because my brother-in-law Garland Aberegg was the lead guitarist and lead singer of The Zoo. They were indeed from Akron, OH, but they never recorded and album entitled “The Zoo Presents Chocolate Mousse”. The Zoo did a reunion concert in 1991 in Tallmadge, OH for their class reunion. Doug Barber, who I think still lives in Tallmadge, was their keyboard player. Their first hit called “Straight Home” came out on an Encore Label. While I don’t have a lot of information to give you, my sister who was married to Garland, would have a lot.

    • I don’t think that DougBarber was in the band when Where have All the Good Times was recorded. It was Wayne Harriman, Bob Baird, Garland, Terry? on drums and I believe Bobby Coleman on keyboards.

    • I laughed when I saw this. My father, Dell Harbin used to manage “The Zoo” and “The New Zoo” (along with some other bands) and I remember Garland (and his girlfriend crying in our kitchen). I think somewhere my mother even has some of the old promo shots with the band sitting in a bath-tub with assorted costumes and hats.

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