4 comments on “The Free Design – Kites are Fun

  1. another great post of a great tune. Get this: I have the tune done by Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians in their attempt to “keep up with the kids.” LP is called “Two Sides of Fred Waring” because it also features Fred Jr. Along w/ the usual suspects (Cherish, Sunny, Happy Together) they also do Rufus Thomas’s Philly Dog!

  2. Though you might probably already know but in case you don’t there is a really interesting comp. of Free Design covers put out by Stones Thrown (who else?!) populated with a cast of predictable albeit commendable indie DJ type characters. Its definitely worth a grab if you haven’t heard it.

  3. Have you heard a CD from 08 from an artist called Brent Cash? It’s called “How Will I Know if I’m Awake?” His music was inspired by Free Design, Bacharach & Williams/Nichols. It was even put out by Marina records who released Free Designs later records. Groovy stuff, indeed.

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