4 comments on “Arthur Lee & Love – 7 and 7 Is

  1. Sounds like a herd of buffalos heading for the cliff!. What a Monster, I had forgotten how truly brutal this song is. And love the change of pace after what must be the sound of a nuclear bomb.

  2. what I had forgotten was that THIS was the tune that made the top 40, not My Little Red Book. Seems like MLRB is the more known “hit,” though it charted lower. Haven’t heard this sandwiched between Gary Puckett and the Vogues lately on “oldies” radio, have you?

  3. scratch my earlier post and dig this: today I’m at the Salvation Army looking for records. This particular location has a great in-store satellite feed that always plays something obscure whenever I’m there. So today they play “Rhythm of the Rain” by the Cascades followed by the unmistakable sound of “7 & 7 Is.” I stood under the speaker for the whole song and got a few odd looks. Then they played the Everly Brothers. Yeah, what an unbelievable song.

    any finds? well I got Bobby Sherman doing Bobby Zimmerman’s “One Too Many Mornings” to add to my weird Dylan covers collection. A surreal trip all around

  4. I just recently joined a band in which the singer’s telling me that Love with Arthur Lee was up there with most anything of its time. Hyperbole???…perhaps, but still a very interesting artist. I vaguely remember having heard “Alone Again Or” which was intersesting with its latin horns and haunting opening minor lick. I’m Youtubing around and I find the 2003 Glastonbury Festival with Arthur Lee and band doing 7&7 Is. I’m thinking they had to have ‘modernized’ it or at leasr made it more up-tempo. No, it’s pretty much dead on the same song. Very impressive. It seems he was ahead of his time and more popular than ever late in his life. Thanks for the mp3.

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