4 comments on “Springfield Rifle – The Bears

  1. Yeah its a bit more of a laid back floaty tune compared to “100 or Two” (the other you uploaded a while ago). But hey that’s some great diggin’- in all respects! You’re a regular JCB at times man. Thanks!

  2. I was told we have to geta quick cover of a song that was getting play in another part of the country. I was forced by Gil Bateman and Jerry Dennon to come in and do the song. Karnie Barton did the bear sound, and I was truly embarased to have done it.Jeff Afdem. By the way ,I have over fortynew ,never heard before songs almost ready for some type of release if I can get some backing,money-wise and play wise. Jeffrifle@gmail.com

  3. The version by the Fastest Group Alive is the one that was getting airplay in certain areas of the country, in the fall of ’66. It was a top ten hit at KJR in Seattle.

    • Also got a lot of play on KJRB, Spokane. Even the B-side, aptly titled “Beside,” was played as an occasional novelty even though it was only 35 seconds long!

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