14 comments on “Iron Leg Digital Trip #25 – Sunny Day People

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  2. Many thanks! I’ve been lurking on your blog for some time and I have loved all of your compilations. Kudos for including the “Prelude/For Claudia on Thursday” track from the Millenium! 🙂

  3. Leslie and I have been diggin’ all these digital trips while on vacation… Glad to see the next volume and looking forward to adding this to the playlist. Thanks as always. 🙂

    Peace and blessings.

  4. hello Iron Leg,
    I love your site. And this is a nice collection.
    I’m keen to know what version of “Time Will Show The Wiser” this is? Sans drums!

  5. Nah still not diggin Curt Boettcher. Maybe I’ve to give it a few more listens but i really like Sagitarrius. Must be Lucas’ contributions are more my cup of tea or …i just need to give this a few more spins down the road maybe.

    Just got hooked up to a track by The Eccentrics – She’s So Ugly. Pure dynamite! If you have anything more resembling these guys would be much appreciated. We needs a fun punk blast to sustain us through the wonderful Midsummer nights of drinking mo chara!

  6. GG
    Did you mean Gary Usher (Lucas??). I don’t have the second Sagittarius LP, but I hear it’s more Usher’s project. I’ll tell you, when I first heard Boettcher’s stuff it was during my initial garage punk infatuation and I didn’t dig it at all. It took me a while.
    I have a grip of garage 45s digimatized for an upcoming mix so watch out for that one.

  7. You are so right, Paul Revere & the Raiders are truly underrated. In person, they rocked harder than the Rolling Stones, much harder. I saw it firsthand. Too bad about the uniforms though.

  8. Ah Gary Usher thats the guy sorry. Lucas is your man out of The Magic Band. But yeah looking forward to the Boettcher mix all the same. Sounds to me like there’s gonna be much to say and hear.

  9. who were the Rising Sons who cut 2 singles for Amy Records-You’re my Girl -and Try to be a man.
    Never reissued anywhere or even on the Internet other than GEMM.
    They were not the same group as Taj Mahal,Ry Cooder & Jesse Lee Kincaid though both these groups made different Goffin King songs

  10. Curt Boetcher? You may not know but he produced an album for a U K band in the 70s who didn’t mean a light in the States
    They were SAILOR who are very big in Germany

  11. Anon –
    I don’t know of that Rising Sons, but it doesn’t surprise me that there was more than one group with that name.
    Family Cat
    I think I saw a listing for that Sailor LP, but I’m not familiar with their music. What were they like?

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