10 comments on “Iron Leg Digital Trip #26 – Second Anniversary Mix

  1. I’m so sorry you are back in the hospital again. Both Vincent and I hope you feel better soon, and can go home. Glad you have wifi at least. Hope to hear from you soon with better news.

  2. Just discovered this blog and it’s kick ass. Hope you kick that shitty stuff that’s got you in the hospital. Needless to say I’ll be checking back in pretty regularly now.

  3. Thanks Larry. Hope your feeling better. Great mix man not a fucking dud on this one! This one’s definitely getting cutcopied into the auld Ipod!

    Mucho gratias!

  4. Here’s some great records to look out for on one of your vinyl hunts:
    Kelly Sims-Bewitched by love (Fernwood)
    The Clefs of Lavender Hill-Stop get a ticket (Date)
    The Rising Sons-You’re my girl/Try to be a man (Amy)
    Barbara Cummings-She’s the woman (London)
    Fran Jefferies-Life goes on (Monument)
    Debbie Swisher-You’re so good to me (Boom)

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