5 comments on “Dave Berry – The Crying Game

  1. According to Mo Foster’s book “Play Like Elvis” Eric Ford plays rhythm. Sullivan used a precursor to the wah wah, a DeArmand foot pedal. In the book Ford is quoted:” When you moved the pedal to the left it sounded more bassy, and to the right more toppy, but we discovered that if you moved it quickly from left to right and back again you got that sort of weeping sound… I liked the sound so much that I used it again on Donovan’s ‘Sunshine Superman’ when I was doing the lead part.”

  2. Thanks! Did you ever see (video of) Berry doing this? He had a brilliantly unique creepy way of undulating his arms like snakes above and around and below his head, developed apparently from the need to perform with zero space in which to move. A minor classic of the era.

  3. Speaking of films, his version of ‘This Strange Effect’ was used to great… effect on a beautiful indie type Mexican movie out earlier this year called Blue Eyelids. Awkward title, great movie; well worth catching.
    I still listen to Ian & the Zodiac’s version of The Crying Game that I got from here too – ongoing thanx.

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