6 comments on “Two By Leon Russell

  1. This is my first visit to your blog (referred by Funky16Corners), and I’m sure I’ll be back. Nice recollections and appreciation of Russell. You should say, however, that he “found,” not “founded,” the New Grass Revival. They were around for years before Russell picked them up as a backing band – their first LP came out on Starday in 1972.

  2. First saw Leon Russell in May of 1970 @ an outdoor concert in Chapel Hill, NC as the bandleader for the Mad Dogs & Englishmen – who were Joe Cocker’s band at that time. He was allowed to perform a couple of his songs while Joe took a break, along with the gorgeous and sexy Claudia Lennear (His 1st solo record had been released a week prior). A few years later I saw him again as a headliner, along with Claudia L. as his co-singer and hotter than ever.

    Her solo record Phew is a gem. One can get it here: http://www.funkmysoul.gr/?p=121

  3. Man, great blog by the way. These are both great…honestly I could have picked any tracks from this album. If you search out the later Leon albums, they really are just as good…again, nice job.

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