6 comments on “Iron Leg Digital Trip #27 – The Sound of the Walker Brothers

  1. Thanks for this. I only knew the two famous songs on it (both number ones in the UK). I always like ”Make It Easy On Yourself”.

    Agree with you on ”After The Lights Go Out”. I’m not quite a record nerd, but I’m close!

  2. Wot no”Mrs. Murphy”? Just kidding, so many cool tunes!!! I’ve always dug “I Don’t Want To Hear It Anymore” which along with “Mrs. Murphy” and “After The Lights go Out” are part of my fave personal little “Tenement Trilogy” of songs that all seem to go hand in hand, nosey neighbors, drama, close confines and all that jazz. “I Wanna Know” is a great chunk of soul and fortunately was not co-opted by those Northern types….

  3. B.t.w, “My Love Is Growing” was actually written by The Motion’s Robbie van Leeuwen . The Walkers produced their 2nd LP (well one did, Scott was alleged to have drank a bottle of brandy and spent the session w/ his head on his knees whilst John did all the work ). They nicked it shortly afterwards as their own.

  4. Bill
    I didn’t know that about ‘My Love Is Growing’!
    I just scored a copy of the ‘Solo John/Solo Scott’ EP (cheap too!) so look for ‘Mrs Murphy’ sometime soon.

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