Get Your Chiswick Out…


The Bishops



Little Bob Story


Listen -The Bishops – Good Time – MP3

Listen -Little Bob Story – I’m Crying – MP3

Greetings all.

I hope the end of the week finds you in what the wheat germ gobblers refer to as a good head space.

I’m fucking tired, but that’s nothing new.

The tune I bring you today is a little bit of goodness from what may very well be my favorite 70s label, the mighty Chiswick.

Chiswick was the The ‘original’ UK indie label (pre-Stiff) and laid the groundwork for the punk/new wave explosion to come.

I first got hipped to the Chiswick “sound” – a rough mix of punk, pub rock, garage punk and all points in between – sometime in the early 80s when I picked up an import comp of their finest stuff called ‘Submarine Tracks and Fools Gold’. The LP contained tracks by a wide variety of bands that I’d never heard of, like the 101ers (home to a young Joe Strummer), Gorillas, Count Bishops, Radio Stars and Little Bob Story. While not everything on the disc grabbed me, a couple of tracks (by the Count Bishops and Little Bob Story) knocked me on my ass and I spent the next few years grabbing as much wax by those two bands as I could find.

The two tracks I bring you today are personal faves, both covers, and indicative of the raw, kick in the head sounds that made both of these bands killers.

The first track is the Bishops‘ (they dropped the ‘Count’ after a couple of albums) 1979 reworking of the Easybeats oft covered ‘Good Time’. Featuring the glass-gargling vocals of Dave Tice, and the twin axe attack of Zenon De Fleur and Johnny Guitar (Oh, those were simpler times, weren’t they??) the Bishops pay appropriate tribute to the mighty original and acquit themselves nicely.

The second track I bring you today is by an odd looking, somewhat manic French band called Little Bob Story. Their 1976 version of the Animals’ ‘I’m Crying’ is nothing if not explosive, pounded out by the band as if their amphetamine and espresso binge was peaking. You can pretty much hear their eyes bugging out like so much ocular escargot as they careen around the studio doing cartwheels, setting each other’s hair on fire and giving serious consideration to whatever the French word for ‘mayhem’ is.

Solid stuff, and an excellent window into the glowing coals that lit the fire of 70s punk.

I hope you dig the sounds and I’ll be back on Monday.




PS Head over to Funky16Corners for some Latin funk.

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  1. I remember the Count Bishops. I was the winner of a competition on Charlie Gillettt’s sunday RnB radio show many years ago. I answered correctly that ‘Farther on up the road’ was first recorded by Bobby Bland. The prize was 2 Chiswick albums.One was the Count Bishops and the other was a Chiswick compilation. Can’t say I warmed to the Count Bishops though!

  2. I’ve got some LPs by The Damned on Chiswick. Yessir.

    Thanks, Larry!

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