7 comments on “Lulu – Love Loves to Love Love

    • Yikes!!! my research sucks I found it on someones blog.Will write down My research sucks one hundred times.
      Unless it turns out she was a child genius.

  1. Right after a bit more detailed research I have come up with Lulu’s backing band ‘The Luvver’s’ It goes like this
    Alec Bell and Ross Nelson Guitars
    Jimmy Dewar Bass
    Jimmy Smith Saxophone
    David Miller Drums
    Hope that’s a bit more helpful!!!
    Cheers Tony.

  2. The Luuvers were only her back up band early on (1964-65) and even then they probably didn’t play on the records. It was pretty common practice back then to replace the band with studio players. Jimmy Page played guitar on a couple of early Lullu tunes. I’ve always loved this tune and wondered who played guitar.

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