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Greetings all.

I hope everyone out there had an excellent weekend, and is ready to ingest something strong to get the week started.
The tune I bring you today is an old fave, and something that I might have very well posted over at Funky16Corners (I’ve spun it during funk sets), Lulu’s ‘Love Loves to Love Love’.
Lulu is one of those artists who’s 60s work is assumed by many to be restricted to ‘To Sir With Love’, but those in the know will be familiar with her earlier R&B oriented work. The fact of the matter is that Lulu recorded enough hard edged, soulful stuff that she ought to be mentioned in the same breath as Dusty Springfield as the semi-official UK white girl who could bring the heat.
Today’s selection is a kicker, with a soul edge, hard (very hard) drums and just the tiniest hint of freakbeat running underneath.
‘Love Loves to Love Love’ was one of several 1967 singles collected on LPs in the US (Sings To Sir With Love) and the UK (Love Loves to Love Lulu) and is really something of a lost classic.
As I mentioned before, the drums are decidedly next level (I wish I knew who was playing) and Lulu’s soulful vocal, and the fuzz guitar make it into a killer.
Produced by Mickie Most (and arranged by John Paul Jones!) , and written by Estelle Levitt* and Don Thomas (who had written material for Hermans Hermits, The Seekers and Chad and Jeremy among others) “Love Loves to Love’ was a Top 40 hit in the UK, and was later sampled by Fatboy Slim in his song ‘Santa Cruz’.
I hope you dig it, and I’ll be back later in the week with something cool.




*Levitt also co-wrote ‘All I Know Is the Way I Feel’ with Jerry Ragavoy. The tune was recorded by both Irma Thomas and the Pointer Sisters.

PS Head over to Funky16Corners for some Memphis funk

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  1. The drummer is a young lady from the U.S Georgia Condo AKA Georgia Hubley.Great tune Larry!!

  2. Tony
    Where’d you get that info? Georgia Hubley is the drummer in Yo La Tengo, and would have been under 10 years of age when this was recorded.

    • Yikes!!! my research sucks I found it on someones blog.Will write down My research sucks one hundred times.
      Unless it turns out she was a child genius.

  3. Right after a bit more detailed research I have come up with Lulu’s backing band ‘The Luvver’s’ It goes like this
    Alec Bell and Ross Nelson Guitars
    Jimmy Dewar Bass
    Jimmy Smith Saxophone
    David Miller Drums
    Hope that’s a bit more helpful!!!
    Cheers Tony.

  4. Tony
    I though one of those names was familiar. It turns out that James Dewar went on to play bass and sing with Robin Trower!

  5. Feeling Alright’s another killer cut

  6. The Luuvers were only her back up band early on (1964-65) and even then they probably didn’t play on the records. It was pretty common practice back then to replace the band with studio players. Jimmy Page played guitar on a couple of early Lullu tunes. I’ve always loved this tune and wondered who played guitar.

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