4 comments on “The Merry Go Round – Live

  1. you’re oh so right about the Bangles. I’ve bored you with this before but a local Red Shield store has a fantastic “oldies” satellite hook-up and they have played both “Live” and “7 & 7 Is” on separate occasions while I was perusing their junk.

    Emitt’s solo effort “Fresh As a Daisy” got lots of AM airplay in my area; great stuff.

  2. Porky
    I was shocked years ago (like 1986) when I was playing a tape of Rhodes’ stuff at work and an older woman came up and recognized it. She told me how he was a fixture in teen magazines at the time. I always assumed he was more obscure than that.

  3. I’m not sure I’m with you on the Bangles (maybe I was too close to them at the time), but I’m with you on the Merry Go Round. Ahh, time to put Listen, Listen on the turntable.

    See you on the flip-side,


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