9 comments on “The Bad Seeds – King of the Soap Box

  1. Regarding the Bad Seeds. I noticed J. Reynolds as the writer. Is that the same Jeoy that did radio (and still does) in Buffalo, Hartford and a bunch of other places in the 60s & 70s? He does a talk show via WOR nightly and is on the bird and all over tje country. Ya could reach him by email there and find out more, possibly.
    Keep up your great blog!

  2. I found this post a s a result from a google search. Out of curiosity, I was looking to see if there were any references to “King of the Soapbox”. It was an old tune from the 60’s that me and some friends were learning to play our guitars during the infancy of the British invasion. I was surprised to see that Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds received so much attention from my search because I only knew it as a tune written and performed by a local guy here in northern KY, John Reynolds. As far as I know, he was a member of a fairly known touring group that recorded KOTDB in NYC. It was a long time ago, at least 40 years or so, but it must have received some local AM radio play from stations in Cincinnati. Otherwise, I would not have heard about it then. I do not know John, but I have met his son Eric who was in my youngest brother’s wedding about 16 years ago. As far as I know, John is still living in the N. KY area.

  3. I am a personal friend of John Reynolds, the writer of King Of The Soapbox. He does still live in Northern Kentucky and is a highly sought after luthier these days. He’s still active musically as well. Shoot me an e-mail privately and I can put you in contact with him.


  4. I grew up in Northern KY back in the day, and recall the Bad Seeds. I believe the lead guitarist was Jerry Foster, formerly with the StingRays. There was a NYC connection when they recorded this as I recall. I used to work at Hughes Music in Erlanger KY where they’d sometimes hang out. John Reynolds was also ex Sting Rays I believe. A few went on to form another band, Orange Noise.

    Myles Kitchen

    • Hi Myles kitchen,
      could someone please lance me the words and chords of this song?
      Thanks in advance
      Jürgen Barth, Germany

    • As a native Kentuckian who knew john Reynolds & the group Bad Seeds. They did record the 45 in New York. My x- husband was with them at that time. Used to listen to them practice in John’s garage before they decided to try their hand at new York : )) just read some of the replies. Jerry foster was the only other member I could recall in the group.

  5. According to this Wikipedia article, Vicki Spencer was another member of the Bad Seeds. She was also a member of one of my favorite obscure bands The Bubble Gum Machine who cut one LP in 1968. She’s from Cincinnati and she recently told me in an email that two of the guys from Bubble Gum Machine live in Kentucky so there’s definitely a connection there.


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