6 comments on “The Monkees – Tear Drop City

  1. One of my fave Monkees songs. I’ve always loved Mickey’s voice and when he hits the “’bout as low as I’ve been in a long time” at the key change in the end, my ears go aflutter.

    If you want some fun, play the crappy flip side of the single at 33rpm. The slowed down play actually gets Davey’s whimpy voice into a creepy-cool Righteous Bros. paradigm.

  2. I’d read that the Monkees’ version was a demo.

    On a related note, while digging this past weekend I found the John Stewart LP with his “Daydream Believer” on it. I’d read (again with the reading!!) that Peter came up with the piano lick that kicks off the tune, a very nice touch. Whoever arranged the Monkees’ version did a heck of a job; JS may not have thought so but down at the bank they called him “Mr. Stewart.”

  3. I agree Jeff. There was a lot of talent in the Monkees, and considering how few of their more “legit” contemporaries (including the Byrds and Beach Boys) played on their own albums, they become a very interesting case. Underrated to be sure.

  4. Hi Larry,

    Thought you might like to know some additional info on this track:

    It was actually recorded in Oct/Nov 1966 with Boyce and Hart producing (as well as singing background vocals) and the B&H band the Candy Store Prophets (plus a few of the other usual Monkees studio musicians like Louis Shelton) doing the instrumental track. Mickey is actually the ONLY Monkee that appears on the track! It was also sped up for its subsequent 45 rpm release (the original track is slower). I assumed it was shelved at the time (1966) because your aforementioned comment about it sounding very “Last Train to Clarksville”-esque.

    All of this info, as well as the original speed version of Tear Drop City can be found on the 2-CD More of the Monkees Deluxe Edition on Rhino.

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