8 comments on “Sounds of the Millennium #1 – Puppet – Best Friend

  1. The Millenium ” Begin” Is one of my favorite LPS. The “Intro” song that opens the album could be a monster Hip Hop Sample! Talk about breaks… Thanks for posting this. Great stuff.

  2. Hey, Larry.

    A friend sent me a link to this post. I was very pleased to hear the long-lost “Best Friend,” by Puppet … which, really, is just me. I was hired by a producer named Ron Budnick to arrange and sing all the parts to this song (which I love, by the way … fun to sing!). So Puppet is me and a small brass band that Ron recorded over and over until they sounded like something bigger. Came out well, I think. But, as you say, went nowhere. Even so, I can still remember that one very enjoyable evening of recording in a studio in LA. What a blast. Thanks for digging it up!

    • It’s called “Follow The Bouncing Ball”. As far as I know (& as far as Sandy recalls), it was the only song he sang for The Hondells.

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