3 comments on “The New Breed – Want Ad Reader

  1. you said it better than I could have (as usual). I was hoping you could solve something that’s bugged me since I first found this record, though and that’s the “Snack Bar” credit. ????

  2. Great choice. I haven’t heard this in years. It’s faster than I recall. I hail from a town not far from Sacramento and thus we hung our hat on The New Breed as the local garage kings (no disrespect to the Oxford Circle). I have the disc on the World United label, and indeed, Porky, that has the Snack Bar credit as well. Curious. You don’t think that Timothy was influenced by Paperback Writer do you ? 😉

    Re: the HBR label, they did have a nice eclectic catalog. Also look for The Hogs (aka, The Chocolate Watchband) on that label.

  3. I’m always impressed with the changes in time signature, kind of explosive, particularly that drum/bass excerpt right after the rave-up – it seems so improbable.

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