5 comments on “Paul Williams – Someday Man / Trust

  1. I just discovered this blog within the past week and I’m loving it. I will confess that I had a Paul Williams album in the 70s called A Little Bit of Love. I must have sold it or given it away when I started getting into my new wave/punk phase by the end of that decade. In retrospect, some of it was a wee bit too much on the easy listening side for my tastes but I’d listen to “She Sings For Free” again right now if I still had it.

  2. Thanks Glenn.
    I actually don’t have anything later than ‘Someday Man’, but I remember my Mom having a couple of his later records. Much like Nilsson, I like the overall sound of his work, i.e. the kind of hooks he creates, or the kind of sonic palette he works with. I should pick up more of those LPs.

  3. Paul Williams also wrote the score for Brian DePalma’s amazing movie Phantom of the Paradise, sings a couple of the tunes and has one of the leading roles. One of my absolute favorites.

  4. I am also a fan of Paul Williams (and, also Roger Nichols). If you like stuff like the Someday man album, Nichols’ Small Circle of Friends, etc, you might want to check out an album from 2008 by an artist named Brent Cash called ‘How Will I know If I’m Awake?’ It is in the same vein but a new album. I got turned on to it by a used record store I frequent. It is AWESOME. I originally got it on CD but I later got it on vinyl from Amazon. Just a heads up…

  5. Hi Larry,

    Just wanted to let you know Now Sounds are reissuing “Someday Man” with 12 bonus tracks. The Deluxe Expanded Edition includes a 16-page booklet with rare photos and the liner notes include the participation of Paul Williams and Roger Nichols. ALL FROM THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES! (We also reissued Paul’s 1968 psych pop group, THE HOLY MACKEREL in a similar deluxe manner.)


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