5 comments on “The Sounds of the Millennium #2 – California ’99 – Prelude/To Claudia On Thursday

  1. Used to own this one Larry, way back when. I was the buyer at Disc World in Eastview Mall in 1971-1973 and thius was one of many odd and strange ones that I ordered for myself. Forget where I read of it (Rolling Stone or Hit Parader or Fusion probably) but I was willing to take a try. Even tacked the cover up on my wall for a couple of months. I loved the Sci-fi apocalypse storyline…especially the partabout slave labor moving the entire Florida peninsula at a right angle INTO the Atlantic Ocean as a breakwater for the whole east coast. The story had a Orwellian-THX 1138 taint to it that was right up my post-apocalyptic ass. I still love tales of when civilization collapses. in my way of thinking, it’s only a matter of time. Just what songs will remain in our collective consciousness? Heaven forbid all we have is ‘Dust In The Wind’, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Just what would you labor to save and how? Probably have to be vinyl on battery or solar powered player dontcha think? Maybe 78s on a windup?

  2. Duncan
    I know what you mean. I’d say a good 20% of my reading/viewing is apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic stuff, from the Cold War to the present. It’s not a major part of the zeitgeist for nothing.

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