3 comments on “The Ticker Tapes – (A Figment of) Her Own Imagination

  1. Hi Larry,

    Here’s a link to a post I did for Spectropop a few months ago.


    It was actually about the Gregar label – the successor to GoGo –
    but it should help you.

    “D. Parker” the writer of the The Ticker Tapes was Dick Parker
    who had a production company with Dick Torst, who wrote the
    B-side of this single, called 2-D Productions. I suppose they thought callin the
    company 2 Dicks would have been tempting fate 🙂
    You’ll find the 2-D Productions credit on a bunch of L.A. records by groups like The Foremost Authority, The Chosen Few, The Children of the Mushroom and The Humane Society of “Knock, Knock” fame.

    I kinda suspect the Ticker Tapes were a studio concoction as I’ve never heard
    of them playing live.


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