4 comments on “The Candymen – The Memphis Blues Again

  1. Love the Candymen! Came across your site though a blog alert for Joe South. What a great site!
    Do to too tragic to mention circumstances all my music, memorabilia and possessions were lost. Due to serve health issues, replacement is slow {probably impossible}, so what a great treat to hear a cut from the Candyman album I haven’t replaced! Made my day! Makes me miss my days living in Atlanta.

  2. During the 1960s, I lived in AL and South GA, and played with The James Gang (w/Wilbur Walton in 1967-68. Since Wilbur had been a member of The Webs, I had numerous occasions to hang out with The Candymen – perfect “southern gentlemen.

    Every other musician I knew at the time considered The Candymen the best live band they had ever seen. For a number of months after the Beatles released Sgt. Peppers, The Candyman performed a perfect rendition of the entire album – LIVE! They were phenonomal, and even did “A Day in the Life” which (according to Gerorge Martin) the Beatlles considered too diffucult to play live.

  3. I saw The Candymen also “back in the day” at the Singer Bowl in NYC. I was disappointed that they chose to perform Sgt. Pepper rather than their own songs. They were excellent, tho.
    I’ve just recommended to Wikipedia that the Candymen’s song “Even the Grass Had Died” be included as a pop culture reference in the article about Conelrad.

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