4 comments on “Joe South – Mirror Of Your Mind

  1. Also some serious psych freakout in another Joe South tune, “A Million Miles Away,” off his “Don’t It Make You Want To Go Home” LP from 1969. Certainly not the same tune done by the Plimsouls.

  2. Almost anything Joe South is a surprise and a treat. May I suggest the album from which “Mirror of your Mind” comes from “Introspect”. It includes one of my favorites ” Gabriel” yes the arc angel, a great psychedelic seven minutes. As South says “you’ll know where I’ll be at the corner of 14th and Peachtree” this may be a reference to the Gabriel and Lucifer club located there at the time.
    Two other cuts recorded as the “Believers” “Ruga Soul Simmerin'” and “Ruga Soul Cookin'” almost unavailable till they were issued as bonus tracks on the Games People Play/Joe south Cd on the Raven Label are a must. Theses songs evolved into the album cut “Hole In Your Soul”{also on the “Introspect album}. Of course I must mention my number one favorite the single only release “Riverdog” 1973 version. If you listen to the Joe South catalog you find it hard to label him country, hard to label him anything but GENIUS! He is still alive and well and preformed at the Jerry Wexler Memorial last fall. and is listed as a performer at the Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans this September.

    • I first heard Joe South in about 1969 with Games People Play and Children. Used to have a day off school once in a while just to have a Joe South day on the old Kriesler stereogram with plug in microphone and sing along with the master of delightful music and songs that truly have meaning.
      Cooper, Mildura, Australia

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