2 comments on “Neil Young – The Loner

  1. I was a huge Springfield fan in High School. The first LP was a touchstone and the Neil songs (Burned, Out Of My Mind, Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing,, Flying on The Ground Is Wrong & Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It) were all my favorites. I remember spending hours figuring out the lyrics and typing them up (I still have them 45 years later…sick!)…then ‘Again’ came out and truly changed my life. Expecting to Fly? come on! You just don’t realize how one song can affect someone until you’re barely 16 and hearing that and being a crazy fool like me. I mean I was SCARRED for life! I was a Teenset (60s glossy mag out of LA in love with all things Springfield) reader, so they kept me current on Neil and Hit Parader wasn’t too far behind.
    I bought the first LP on the day it came out (the older cover without NEIL YOUNG on the cover and a DIFFERENT mix. I treated that LP like it was GOLD! I’ve now had 10 copies of it…the first pressing sold long ago for $50 (though I’m sure it was worth more even then and NOW…well) it was the first of Neil’s CDs I bought, on a trip to Ocean City, NJ even though I didn’t have a player with me I could still hear it in my head.

    The Loner sure is a standout, though I would probably put Emperor of Wyoming and I’ve Been Waitin For You above it. I still have my promo 45 of Emperor anda couple of other Neil rarities that are now approaching the $500 mark when I look them up. God I listen to this LP/CD/MP3 file almost every other month. Just found the ORIGINAL MIX on line last month. THAT was/ is a treat!

  2. I love this song. It easily makes my list of 50 songs that will always improve my mood if I hear them – hell, it may make the top 10. “A Man Needs a Maid” is also on that list, and while I’m not sure it makes the top 50 – “Sample and Hold” will always pull a smile out of a dark day.

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