3 comments on “The String Bending Genius of Clarence White aka Bad Night at the Whiskey

  1. Hi Larry
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve put some of the tracks kindly posted by you on my latest installment of my ’60s (mostly) uncomped’-series (with info, pics & links to the Bloggers in the booklet attached); you’ll find it at http://michaelvee.livejournal.com. Thanks a lot for posting and I hope you’ll enjoy my selection.

    Cheers from Milano!

  2. Clarence White was the baddest cat who ever picked up a Telecaster (Gatton and Buchanan not withstanding). Thank you for this. Long live Clarence’s genius!

  3. this is exactly what I love about the Iron Leg site.
    I’m a Byrds fan but have never given Byrds/Hyde much of a go. But your enthusiasm for this song has me scuttling back to hear the lp.
    This mono single sounds incredible. I love the choral backing vocal.
    I would love to hear the whole album in mono. I think it might make a difference.

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