4 comments on “Ian Whitcomb & Bluesville – You Turn Me On (The Turn On Song)

  1. I once read an interview where he claimed to be imitating Dianna Ross during the chorus of this song, maybe he was taking the micky!? Who else could release an LP called “Ian Whitcomb’s Mod Music Hall”!?!

  2. I’m so flattered by more praise for my book, “Rock Odyssey”, which is actually still in print. You might enjoy my new book, “Letters From Lotusland–An Englishman in Exile”–lots about my time in the 60s.–see details on my website. Lots of pop writing there too in the Literary Corner section. Don’t forget my internet radio show at luxuriamusic.com. I’ll be on XM from September onwards.
    PS: didn’t know I had a toothy grin.

  3. Oops! I meant to say–thanks for YOUR praise for my book.
    Just saw the comment on my follow-up album, Mod Mod Music Hall (not my title, by the way, but the record company’s)) which was my first entry into the Tin Pan Alley classic song arena. I really love the history of pop song and it’s such a pity that some people ( mainly dyed-in-the-wool rockers suffering from tunnel vision ) can’t accept that my enthusiasm is genuine, that I must be “talking the mick”. I wouldn’t have spent 40 years researching, writing about, and performing classic pop song if I was only “taking the mick”
    Ian Whitcomb

  4. Mr Whitcomb
    Most of the folks that stop by here may not have an appreciation for your mastery of early pop but I do. My Dad is a piano player and when I was growing up he taught me the value of a great (and often obscure) song. He’s a storehouse of classic songs, including all kinds of forgotten intro sections and the history of the tunes (i.e. what shows they originated in etc).
    If people like you weren’t doing the work you do, so much great material would be lost forever.
    I have a LOT of respect for your later work, and as a Cliff Edwards fan, especially the ukelele stuff.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    Larry (the proprietor…)

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