7 comments on “ILDT#34 – Symphonie du Sneetch…

  1. Many thanks for the mix Larry. I have never , ever, heard of the Sneetches. This is right up my street but I must have been living under a rock.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the very kind words. I remember once walking to my car after a gig and there was a piece of paper on the windshield and someone wrote: “Hi Sneetches — you make life good”. I always thought what better compliment could there be? Glad we could do the same for you. Thanks for listening!

  3. Thank YOU Mike! Your albums (Sneetches and ‘Fireflys’) are ones I go back to year after year. The best music lifts (or awakens) the spirit, and your music continues to do just that.

  4. Never heard of these dudes, Larry, but when you recommend someone, I f**kin’ well listen!

    Looking forward to checking this mix out as soon as the 1s and 0s are safely esconced on the HDD… 🙂


  5. Thanks for the reminder bro! just pulled the first record out of the ether on emusic and i will likely savor it all summer long (and thereafter). much love, cenzo

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