5 comments on “It Was (roughly) 25 Years Ago Today…

  1. Nice write up. I like the thread of zines –> to your current online spots.

    I keep all my old zines that I’ve made through the years. First generation on mimeograph. Then typewriter + copy store. Early computer “lay-out”.

    I think all the zine-writing and attention to music serves you well on F16Corners and Iron L. I appreciate your willingness to share your broad knowledge (and tunes).

    Thanks again.

  2. Excelent blog entry on your old fanzines. Back in the 80s (pre internet) local fanzines served a great purpose for me personally. In England we had Bucketful Of Brains, Freakbeat and Gravedigger.
    They were essential for keeping upto date with new garage releases from USA, Australia and the rest of Europe. They’ve pretty much died a death with the internet of course or have become professional like Ugly Things and Shindig.


  3. zines were essential for those of us old enough to remember them — essential for and how we hungrily awaited for the next issues. the best of them were so much better than the slicks (rolling stone, spin, etc.). and it’s still true — your editorial sense, passion, and flat out knowledge of the music you love is always impressive and greatly appreciated.

    thanks, i’m off to benny’s for a slice.

  4. Nice piece, especially because it presents and preserves some of the history of that format. Had to smile when I saw “Gone.” I tried to use that as the name for our outdoors/recreation page about 10 years ago, but it was too far out for the newspaper.

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