3 comments on “The Sugar Shoppe – The Attitude

  1. Something that intrigued me about this album is that it contains a version of
    a pretty obscure Motown song – “Baby Baby” ,which was written by the Lewis
    Sisters, was recorded by the Miracles – it’s a track on their 1966 “Away We A Go Go”
    album. I’d love to know why the Sugar Shoppe decided to record it as it’s so far
    removed from their usual material.

  2. I missed that! I’ll have to go check it out. The Lewis sisters also wrote ‘Just Walk In My Shoes’ that Gladys Knight and the Pips and the Magnificent Men recorded.

  3. The Lewis Sisrters cut an album for Liberty of Great American Songbook stuff and were part of the Motown splurge to sign up names from the 40s and later eg Billy Eckstine,Connie Haines,Sammy Davis Jr,Barbara McNair.
    I rate You need me as the greatest TMG single ever

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