8 comments on “Mike Sheridan’s Lot – Take My Hand

  1. This number will always be one of my fave beat group numbers, and always has been ever since mike Sin turned me onto this in the late 80’s. It always struck me odd that the Mike Sherdian LP was one of the only UK 60’s Edsel LP’s that I had that never came out on CD! The 45 was pretty hard to come by back when I found it in the 90’s along w/ the next one (a version of Jackie DeShannon’s “Don’t Turn Your Back On Me”) and they didn’t go away cheaply either. Glad you tracked the LP down.

  2. awesome! Sounds like that dream duo that never happened: Paul Jones and Allan Clarke harmonizing and swapping leads.

  3. 1) The LP did in fact come out on CD, back in 2003. It’s long out of print, but copies are readily available from sites such as amazon.com and eBay.

    2) “Take My Hand” is credited on the LP to “Stainton/Walker”. Could this be Robert Staunton and Robert Walker, who wrote some songs for several established soul acts, such as “Say You” (The Temptations), “Never Leave Your Baby’s Side” (Martha & The Vandellas) and “Hi Diddley Dee Dum Dum” (The Dells, UK cover by Jimmy James & The Vagabonds)? But I certainly don’t recall hearing a soul version of this song.

  4. Boursin
    I haven’t been able to find an original (or another) version of the song.My recollection is having read somewhere that it was a cover of another UK band, but perhaps the original was never actually recorded?

  5. BIRMINGHAM BEAT (compiling all 7 singles by The Nightriders, including the preivously unrleased 3rd one), HAS been reissued on CD, only a couple years ago, but it happened about 6 months after I’d already transferred by LP to CD (which caused me to comment, “Too late, you idiots!”). That said, it was one of my earliest such transfers, before I figured out how to “remaster” and clean up vinyl, so while the disc was in VERY good shape, you can still hear surface noise, especially between songs.

    Just doing some research on who originally wrote & recorded some of these after all these years, which is how I ran across this blog. If anyone would like a copy of my (unremastered) CD, send me an e-mail. It’s got 31 songs on it total, which includes the earliest stuff by The Move and The Idle Race. My own personal faves are right near the end– the LIVE versions of “Something Else” and It’ll Be Me”.

  6. Hey Larry, You mighty heard some kid from Helmetta sing this tune with his band at the Court Tavern in the 80’s.

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