3 comments on “The Angels – The Boy With the Green Eyes

  1. Love your site. It’s appalling that there aren’t more comments, given how much great music and excellent writing there is here. I think most people do what I do – have a brief look through your notes and then grab some of the music if it looks interesting. I just don’t seem to have the time to read everything on the site although I’d love to because it’s always very well-written and extremely knowledgable and most importantly ENTHUSIASTIC. I recognise a fellow-music lover when I see one and your love for the music comes through loud and clear.

    Also happy to see you have such wide tastes, what with the FunkyCorners blog ‘n all….

    I feel I should talk about the music some more but it would take me weeks to discuss the various great things I’ve found here. For instance the Dolly Parton – I went looking for it jagain ust now but couldn’t find it – perhaps it’s on FunkyCorners. What an amazing song. Who’d have thought?

  2. I love both versions of the song! Wasn’t the other band called Wool?

    Speaking of Neil Diamond, have you heard the version of Love to Love by the Serendipity Singers? I think you’d dig it.

  3. Small Town Girl
    It was Wool (better fix that, heh heh…). I was writing and all I could remember was the giant sheep on their album cover. Apparenty going back and checking my own work was out of the question.

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