4 comments on “Free Design x 6 : Chris Dedrick RIP

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  2. that Jack in the Box jingle is awesome!

    When I was first collecting records in the early 80’s those Free Design records were everywhere but because they weren’t “garage” I passed on ’em. The word got out and they completely dried up. Shucks.

  3. I love Free Design. The childlike quality in thier music makes me think of Charlie Brown & Peanuts, melancholy + bittersweet. Their lyrics seem to refer to adults having arguments that cause kids to escape into something pure in their games. Like it’s an allegory for some spiritual state of mind or thereabouts.
    But never twee…! Unless I’ve heard wrong! 🙂

    R.I.P Mr Dedrick

  4. I tried to listen to the Jack in the Box jingle and struck out – can you tell me what I can do to hear it (it looks like the link to it is no longer active?)

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