11 comments on “Everything Is Everything – Witchi Tai To b/w Ooh Baby

  1. What an absolute hoot to see Everything is… The label scan is fabulous and brings me back to the days in 1969 sitting behind 4 16″ turntables, a brand new trasistorized RCA board & 5 Gates Criterion cart machines at WTRY and playing this record when it was new. Here is a great stereo dub of the track @ 128kbps (Not too bad)
    I will make the file private in a week or so.
    You keep up the great work at your blog. Iron Leg is soooo kuhl!!!!

  2. Thanks for this one Larry..brings me right back to late 60’s …and all the mind expansion going on at the time..this was a favorite, turned on to this by a close freind..haven’t heard it in 30 years or so..fantastic!

  3. Dunno what this “going private’ stuff is but I am ted gehrke and i had the honor of producing the “Witchi-tai-to” single on apostolic vanguard records. The gangster movie was “Sleepers”. B. DePalma was a big Free spirits/Everything is everything fan. Hanging at the “Scene” in NYC. He cast Free Spirits best friend Chic Chicarelli (“Jonathan Warden”) in Greetings, his first feature. I asked onea the brewer and shipley guys once why they left the great Larry Coryell bridge off their version of Witchi-tai-to and they said they only had heard it on late night radio and couldn’t remember anything but the chant part. We are all hopin to get together and try to do a definitive version as soon as chip baker is feelin better. thanks for the interest!!

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