6 comments on “Cilla Black – It’s For You

  1. Thank you so much for reminding me about this obscure little gem. I used to have it on a compilation LP in the ’70s, but it did a runner and I completely forgot about the tune. I’m not a huge fan of her voice, but this one is different.

  2. if you get the chance check out the version by a group called Springwell from 1971. It’s on a Parrot 45 and is a capella with some 70’s organ thrown into the mix. Three Dog Night covered the arrangement on their live LP (or maybe Springwell covered them; who knows?)

    early MacLen tune “Love of the Loved” is also good.

  3. Amazing how Cilla Black had such a low profile in the States especially as she appeared on the Sullivan show

  4. Our Cilla went on to become the highest paid woman on British TV and something of a national treasure with Blind Date.

  5. A longtime favorite of mine from back in the day … I bought the 45 when it came out (the followup to “It’s My World”), and have loved it ever since.

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