3 comments on “Artie Wayne – Automated Man

  1. Hi,
    You mentioned an assistant named Gloria Sequoia on an entry a few years ago that I just read a moment ago.
    I knew a Gloria Sequoia in LA back in 1970 when I was in acting class in Hollywood (I know…how cliché). Anyway, she had been involved with Tommy James before that and shared some rather rough anecdotes about their time together. The only reason I bring this up is to confirm who I am in case she’s the same lovely, raven-haired, part
    American Indian (I forget which nation) lady I came to know.
    If she is, please pass on my regards and email address. If not, no harm done!
    Thomas Condon

  2. I just realized I made an assumption that I was addressing Artie Wayne in my last post, when it could have been going to someone at ironleg by mistake.
    Anyway, if someone can forward that post above to Artie, I’d appreciate it.
    T. Condon

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