8 comments on “The Strawberry Alarm Clock – Tomorrow

  1. Steve Bartek played flutes & things on the first album, went on to Oingo Boingo and now works with Danny Elfman on the greatest soundtracks in Hollywood. SAC appeared in some great movies like “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,” and “Pscyh out” with Jack Nicholson and Richard Pryor.

  2. One of the very first singles I ever bought way back then was SAC’s “Barefoot In Baltimore”. I’m pretty sure that song was the follow up to this one. I’ve always liked both “Tomorrow” and “…Baltimore” over the much more popular “Incense And Peppermints”.

  3. If you haven’t heard them yet try to get their first two albums. “The World’s on Fire”
    from the first album is brilliant. There’s a part of me that thinks the SAC are a guilty
    pleasure but when you hear their lesser known stuff they have a tendency to creep
    up on you – on the surface they sound so lightweight but they’re well worth a closer
    listen as there’s a lot going on that tends to wash over you the first time round.
    There’s some downright strange stuff going on in the lyrics to “Paxton’s Back Street
    Carnival” – like eating candy floss and finding a fish hook.
    The “Strawberries Means Love” comp. is a really good introduction to their work

    The band have a website which has some footage of them playing live at some club
    in 2007 – still wearing their paisley gear 🙂 http://www.strawberryalarmclock.com

  4. The Alarm Clock continues to tick and click these days. They recently finished a cover of the Seeds’ “Mr. Farmer” for a Sky Saxon tribute. By and large, they have avoided living in the past — no oldies tours — and continue to create music.

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