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Moby Grape


Listen/Download – Moby Grape – Omaha

Greetings all.

This is going to be quick (it was very nearly non-existent) because I have a bunch of real world stuff (mainly related to traveling down to Washington, DC to DJ this weekend, see Funky16corners for details) to do.

The mighty Moby Grape has appeared in this space before, and I have been on records stating that they were one of the great late 60s bands (truly underrated).

The tune I bring you today should – for most of you – be a familiar one – ‘Omaha’.

The song first became known to me via a cover by the Golden Palominos (with Michael Stipe on lead vocals), but when I finally heard the OG (during a visit to a psychedelic loft during the days of the 80s garage revival) my wig was good and truly flipped (Thanks, Dino!).

As if that wasn’t enough, the recording you’re hearing today was made from a very strange little promo EP that I found while digging in the Pennsyltucky Dutch Country not too long ago.

When I first picked up the record, I thought I might have found a long-lost recording by a forgotten psychedelic band called the Consolidated Cigar.

When I looked more closely I discovered that what I was holding was in fact a 33 1/3 EP featuring Columbia/CBS Records acts.

When I got home and set to Googling I discovered (in an old issue of Billboard no less) that this EP was produced to help introduce/advertise

“the Tipalet, a new cigar designed for special appeal to young smokers.”

Um, WTF??

The Billboard blurb includes mention of a Boston concert featuring the 5th Dimension and Vanilla Fudge to push the item in that market.

Imagine a megacorp trying something like that today. Not that they don’t think about it all the time, but (so far) they haven’t started trying to recruit young smokers quite so obviously.

It is a great song (of course) and I hope you dig it.

I’ll be back on Monday with a brand new edition of the Iron Leg Digital Trip (and hopefully with a carload of newly acquired records).





PS Head over to Funky16Corners for one of the all time great organ 45s

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1 Comment

  1. surely you haven’t forgotten the whole Joe Camel debacle?

    I too came to this song via Stipe and company; glad I got to hear the original shortly thereafter.

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