4 comments on “Crazy Elephant – The Dark Part of My Mind

  1. The interesting thing is that the two versions aren’t identical. The Captain Groovy cut (“Dark Part of My Mind, Part 1”) fades out just as the guitarist starts a solo. The Crazy Elephant version begins at that very point, which I guess would make it “Part 2” – although it’s not labeled as such on the 45.

    In any case, we’ll probably never know who actually recorded it. Chances are, it was a bunch of a studio musicians hired by K-K.

  2. Because one of their early projects was crippled in its progress up the charts by DJs playing the flip side instead, thereby diluting their promotional efforts and dividing the total number of airplays, Mr. Kasenetz and Mr. Katz made a point of using B-sides that were CLEARLY not hit material… a simple boogie-woogie instrumental with nutty theremin noises over it, say, or a backwards recording, or a dirgelike orchestral version of “Poor Old Mr. Jensen”, or a backwards recording of “Poor Old Mr. Jensen”, even. This certainly fit well into the guaranteed airplay-resistant category… though I know I played it more than once, but on college radio.

  3. “Zig Zag” on the B-side of original Buddah pressings of “Yummy Yummy Yummy” by the Ohio Express is a keyboard based instrumental version of “Poor Old (Mr. Jensen)” going backwards. On the re-issues, it’s played forward which is how I discovered it was “Poor Old (Mr. Jensen)”.

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