5 comments on “Grace Markay – Sally Go Round the Roses

  1. We’re of a mindset singularity on this, Larry. Great find, this is a gem, couldn’t have stated the phenomenon better.

  2. Great song. Great version. Thanks for the opportunity to hear it. I also like Dee King’s take. And Pentangle’s!

  3. This IS a good version, Larry – an eerie little song isn’t it? I agree with you though – it would be hard to go too wrong with this one.

  4. Wowzers! Yet another great version of this song. I’m also fond of Tim Buckley’s take on “Sally…”. Wait a minute, I smell an all “…Roses” Iron Leg Podcast!!

  5. great version of a great song–thanks for posting it. if you do an all-“roses” podcast, puh-leez include the question mark & mysterions version. amazing video, too.

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