4 comments on “Esko Affair – Morning Dull Fires

  1. There’s slim pickings everywhere these days, very rare to pick up a tasty bargain anymore. Still keep looking though eh?
    How about checking out our podcasts, sure you’ll like ’em. http://polyvinylcraftsmen.blogspot.com/
    I’ve been following Iron Leg for a long time, I always find something here I’ve not heard before and it’s pretty much always something good.
    You’re on our blogroll, any chance of reciprocating? Cheers, Coop.

  2. Hi Larry, you were spot on about the other side – it was comped on the “Northern
    Soul of Philadelphia – vol. 3” cd.
    Release date would’ve been January ’69.
    They had one other release, a remake of “On Broadway” produced by the same team
    and released about six months later on Mercury (72934) – I’ve yet to hear it.
    This one’s credited as The Esko Affair featuring Jason St. Thomas.

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