7 comments on “Merrell Fankhauser – Tampa Run b/w Everybody’s Talkin’

  1. There have been many versions of “Everybody’s Talkin'” and this is definitely one of the best. Right up there with Ronnie Butler & The Ramblers!

    • Though Fankhauser claimed to have written Wipout and showed the musical notation to the judge he was unable to convince the Court as his own take on the title sounded nothing like the Surfaris hit

  2. Dear Merrell,
    This is Carla Weston Skaggs, George Weston’s daughter. So glad to hear you new my Daddy. He was so easy to be with, and funny. He played his guitar like as if it were oxygen to him. I just arrived home and received the package of autograph records. Daddy’s spirit is so happy. He loved you too.Thank you . Our Team spent a month traveling to talk with people and hear their stories of the late George Weston my Daddy. It was great, constantly going everyday, and foot stomping too. We video so many people that new Daddy I am so full of his life now ,so many stories,We want more…we have been putting all of his music and photos together for my book that I’m writing in honor of him.Then my lead found Glenn Mac Arthur Jr. We hadn’t seen each other since the 60’s , We were so jazzed, and then there it was Daddy’s music and yours ,and other artist just all boxed up. Eleven hours later or more there was my Daddy all back together almost.Daniel help me so much what a great person. He love music and did you see his guitars, he wants to go far with his music.So after all of that work then on a plane we go.We all met with the Team George Group in Auburn New York for the last week of our journey to work and recording all of his music . His first CD just came out I will send you a CD, and the next one will be out soon.Please send us your picture so that we can put in the book and a story about you and daddy too. Thank you so much
    Team George

      • Dear Kenny Smith,
        Thank you so much for your kind words, and your love for my Dad the Legendary George Weston .Working at Glen Records Studio in Palmdale must of been a blast having the pleasure of hearing music for hours. The fun you must of had with people creating music and memories. I to have great memories of the studio and all the places my Dad and band would go to practice and perform, he would bring us along sometimes. I met so many musicians and it was wonderful being his daughter because he was so much fun and patient plus he made faces all the time… I want to apologized for responding so late, I just recently returned home I have been traveling to California to work with another wonderful musician and Legend Merrell Fankhauser on the CD of my Dads. Its finished !!!!! and I truly love it. It was really nice working with him,and I have learned so much. I just want to thank you for everything and I hope you will join us at the AV 60’s Bands Reunion in Palmdale.
        Visit our website : http://www.georgewestonmusic.com
        Carla Weston Skaggs

    • Greetings Carla,

      I’m not sure if you’ll get this message, but I hope so.
      I tried leaving some messages and comments on YouTube for songs your father had sang….but so far no replies.
      I used to live in Littlerock, Ca. and went to Almondale the same year as your brother. 🙂 (that is if Steven Weston is your brother)

      The reason why I’d like to contact you is that unbeknownst to me- George had cut some records, and just recently I listened to them on YouTube! What an amazing voice.

      I used to hang out at your dad and Barbara’s little house by 4-points and the RR tracks. This was around late 1974 or 1975 time frame when I hung out there with my good friend Helen. As did Hippie Dale (aka Jimmy Dale Burris) and other peeps.
      Of course all of them were much older than I at the time, being a teenager, while Helen and Barbara were in their 30’s, your dad was in his 40’s and Hippie was probably in his 50’s.

      Your dad and Hippie Dale were never without their guitars and sang and played all the time.
      In fact, your dad, Hippie, and Barbara all came over to my mom and dad’s house one time and had a impromptu jam session. 😉
      Some other friends or family members of ours were present at the time, and really enjoyed listening to them.

      I wish I would have paid more attention back then, but I was really into R&R and didn’t have the appreciation that I do now for the many different types of music that are out there.

      I have very fond memories of your father if you’d like to hear them and the stories etc..

      The reason as to how I found the recordings of George Weston on YouTube is from the Facebook group site “Growing Up In The AV in the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s.
      Mary Richey Sweet (I went to Almondale and PHS with her son) had posted on that site and I was floored when she brought up the name George Weston, and how he was her first crush and about trying to find more info in locating his songs…

      Your dad was so low keyed and kick backed, the opposite of a braggart , so that’s probably why I never knew about his records.

      I also knew Glen MacArthur as he hung around a man named Richard Burson, who also hung around your dad’s crowd.

      I was also very saddened to hear about your father’s passing. 😦
      You have my deepest sympathy for your loss of your father who I can tell you you dearly loved.

      Take care,

      email: gyngoru@gmail.com

      P.S. I live up in the Lake Isabella/Ken River area now.

    • Carla,
      I just wanted to make sure that my long message to you that I posted below, went to the right source. 😉


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