6 comments on “PJ Proby – Don’t Forget About Me / I’m Twenty Eight

  1. Thanks for the great tunes. While that’s an interesting production on Proby’s version of “I’m 28”, I’m of the opinion that the song has much more power as a “girl anthem”. Toni Basil’s original version rules.

    Funny you should mention “the underground”….I’ve often thought Nico should have covered the song. She’d have spit those lyrics out in a manner that Toni Basil could only suggest.

    • “I’m 28” was written by Graham Gouldman (“Bus Stop”, “No Milk Today”, “For Your Love” etc) and orginally cut in the U.K. first as “Getting Nowhere” in January 1966 by Friday Browne (Parlophone R 5396), produced by George Martin.

      • Forgive me for the use of the word “original”. Toni Basil’s version still rules.

  2. Proby first appeared on a TV show called Around the Beatles in 1964 and cut 2 singles for Decca conveniently forgetting he was on the Liberty label and had already made a single called Try To Forget Her (1963).
    The 2 singles were modelled heavily on the Beatles of the time.
    As a result the Decca singles had to be passed on to Liberty/
    His hit strealk began when he decided to cover songs from Broadway musicals and albums then appeared regularly.
    The pant splitting episode has been blown out of all proportion as it was not Proby’s intention to shock and its pretty mild compared to what happenned in America only 2 years later.
    Proby was actually a great talent who sang in many voices-John Lennon thought that his 1963 single of Wicked Women (made as Orville Wright) was a black guy
    The fact that he operated a career with a mass of cover versions is to me a plus factor

  3. When I first read about Proby (as a green horn collector) I was bracing to be blown away; it didn’t happen. There is a lot of chaff among the wheat.

    Personally I like “Hold Me,” a pop standard from the 30’s (?) given a nice fuzz guitar arrangement. The Rubinoos also did a great version of the tune.

  4. P.J.Proby…..80 coming up in November,2018. He’s still a brilliant singer & in the Autumn I’ll be attending three of his shows in England. Ever since he started out in 1964 he’s not always been treated fairly….if he was then he’d deservedly be called a LEGEND by everyone now. Us Proby fans regard him as so special & wonderful!

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