2 comments on “Bobby Vee – The Passing of a Friend / One

  1. I came across your blog here, and thought I would add a bit to your Bobby Vee comments. You can find information about his albums and other information at his website http://www.bobbyvee.com. Gates Grills and Rialings was released in 1969. While I really like this album, what you should not miss is Nithing’ Like a Sunny Day. Just an outstanding album, in the country rock vein, and most tracks are Bobby’s compositions. He has continued to record on his own, as he has his own record label and a recording studio near his home. His 1999 Buddy Holly tribute CD Down The LIne is outstanding, and he’s had several other releases as well as 61 tracts on a Rarities release earlier this year. An new CD is due out this spring. His sons are also musicians and have been his backup band for years, and Bobby is a great guitarist. You can check out his news page on his website. Bobby has been touring for 52 years and has recently just cut back. Bobby was alot more of a musician than his big hits would suggest!

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